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Venus In The Signs-2

Venus In The Signs-2

Venus In Libra

The combination confers a peaceful and refined nature on this native. He is very content among others who are fond of the arts and music. The power of intuition is strong and has a decided effect upon decisions concerning the circumstances surrounding his friends. There is an intense inner drive for peace and balance and a deep aversion for violence. This is a good position for painting and drawing as the Libra attraction towards color can be demonstrated in a practical manner, and directed towards more definite ends. It denotes that there will be a gain of honor or position and social status.


Venus In Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio intensifies the passionate side of nature and because it is detrimented here the undesireable traits have to be considered. One of the main drawbacks here is the jealous nature the native must cope with. If he does not learn to minimize this innate jealousy he can cause problems for himself and his friends. He must also control his passionate instincts because if they are allowed to reach extremes a great deal of trouble and unhappiness can occur. There is a tendency to overreact to the death of friends and this can cause an intensity of sorrow. The native himself is liable to death by poison or by suicide through passion and unhappy alliances.


Venus In Sagittarius

The native is very idealistic especially in matters connected to his love nature. He sometimes finds love when on a journey or in the pursuit of new studies, the love changes as the ideal changes. If he is to find true happiness the native must learn to control the restlessness and changeability of his nature. If he cannot do this he will continually be in a state of confusion very unsure of his ideals. He can be light-hearted and impressionable, very fond of pleasures and intensely involved in love affairs affecting his honor. He will be involved in powerful friendships with lasting affections. Aside from the negative points, this position can be good and afford him a depth of human feeling, with a willingness to assist others.


Venus In Capricorn

The native possesses an ambitious love of nature. He is very careful of his honor. He is easily attracted to different people, strange characters and those of doubtful reputations. He should be advised that such associates may have an adverse effect on his character. If he is careful he may gain fame and distinction through the skillful use of his affections. This desire intensifies the ambition and desire for fine surroundings although there is sometimes a timidity in love and a reserve in the expression of feelings. The combination aids the expressions of the practical, thoughtful and ambitious side of nature. There is a strong degree of affectionate faithfulness and this will not be broken easily. The earlier part of life will be less satisfactory from the affectionate standpoint.


Venus In Aquarius

The native is extremely fond of mental pursuits and he becomes deeply involved with his friends and in helping others. He is energetically faithful to his friends and he would rather suffer himself than to deceive a friend. On the other hand the native will suffer vivid depression and unhappiness when such an attitude is not returned. He will suffer great disappointment if he is let down by friends. He must be warned about the danger of these periods of obstruction and difficulty concerning his friends. The capacity for artistic expression is enhanced and, with the proper training, the ability for singing, music and acting can be developed.


Venus In Pisces

Venus is exalted when posited in this sign and its radiations signifies a hospitable, sympathetic nature, easily impressed and fond of corrective work in institutions. The native feels strongly attached to persons of a weak or afflicted mind or body. The inner desire for compassion and peace for the world finds its most efficient outlet in helping the poor souls who are suffering. The nature here is highly emotional and the native often suffers through love as he becomes deeply and emotionally absorbed in his loved ones. The position indicates some financial gain through the assistance of friends and a very basic and successful intuitive mind in business affairs.



Eventually the knowledge of the meaning of each planet passing through each Sign will become an instinctive part of your nature. From a quick glance at a nativity you will be able to expound on the positive and negative precepts of the planetary aspects contained therein. You must remember that the aspects of the planets will determine if their influence is of positive or negative nature. Aspects will be covered later. All of the characteristics in this lesson as planets pass through the signs are the result of thousands of years of study recording and correcting, thereby producing a high degree of accuracy. Astrology is part of a changing Universe and necessarily changes with the Universe. We keep our course up to date with these changes and through our Alumni associations, we keep our graduates up to date.



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