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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Planets In The First House

Planets In The First House


The following lesson concerns the influence of each planet as they pass through each house of the zodiac. It is important to realize that this influence will vary directly with the aspects formed to the other planets. You must also consider the nature of the sign occupying the cusp of each house. We use a very simple, yet very complete method of delineating this influence and you will be instructed in it in a future lesson. For now, just make sure that you understand the basic influences.


The Sun In The First House

When the Sun is posited in the ascendant it is always helpful, as it intensifies the vitality and the more constructive attributes of the House. It will bring some joy to the native and afford him a radiant nature. It indicates good health, a strong constitution and a happy childhood. The Sun here accentuates the positive aspects of the Sign which is on the cusp of the ascendant and points to a generally successful life, both spiritually and materialistically. The native will command respect from his peers and his prestige will be greatly enhanced through his personal efforts. He has strong powers of resistance to adverse circumstances and people.

Moon In The First House

This position of the Moon intensifies the emotional side of the native. The native will tend to be very sensitive and timid. He will always be ready for a change, no matter what it might concern. He must learn to overcome his timidity if he is to enjoy any success with the public. The Moon in the Ascendant position strengthens the dualistic side of the native. It stresses the personality and its changeability. It increases the prospects for travel and consequently brings more variety into life. The Moon here intensifies the influence of the domestic ties, however this seldom interferes with the personal capacity to initiate change.


Mars In The First House

This position of Mars enhances the energy of the native, sometimes denoting extra physical strength and considerable courage. He must be careful however, for it can sometimes induce impulsive temper. The tendency to take should always be avoided. The native will be very self-assertive and have a boisterous nature. He prides himself in his physical strength and courageous attitude. A great deal of enthusiasm and optimism will be generated by the native in a given situation.


Mercury In The First House

Mercury in the Ascendant augments the powers for the expression of thoughts and ideas. It is mostly a favorable position for the intellectual side of the native. It signifies a great deal of travel and a strong desire to communicate the different experiences resulting from that travel. Ideas will come more quickly and spontaneously to the native and the nature of these ideas will correspond with the Sign on the cusp of the First House. He must be careful of restlessness and changeability, as these will hinder the direction of his thoughts and ideas.


Venus In The First House

Venus in the Ascendant position strengthens the companionship qualities and the native will find it easier to enter into friendships and associations. He will possess a cheerful nature and have a marked capacity for artistic expression. He has a kind nature and a natural desire for the beauty and harmony, which ideally should surround him. His happy disposition will see him through many of his problems.

Jupiter In The First House

This locality of Jupiter is always fortunate. Jupiter is the planet of luck and when it is posited in the Ascendant house it will bring many helpful conditions to the native. Even during the problem periods, Jupiter will protect the main interests in life. It enhances the factor of optimism and provides the native with a cheerful disposition. He has a confident aura about him when dealing with the problems of life. He can very effectively calculate the future result of his present actions.

Saturn In The First House

This locality of Saturn tends to depress the native and bring a bad reaction to his health or well being. Of course, this will depend on the nature of the Sign on the cusp. Saturn here aids the thoughtful planning and cautious side of the nature, but it also brings restrictions and delays. The native may continually procrastinate and a sense of fear may result. There is an ability to overcome these shortcomings with constructive forethought and reflection. He must utilize these powers effectively.



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