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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Planets In The 3rd House

Planets In The 3rd House


Sun in the Third House

When the Sun is in the Third House it increases the desire for certain forms of luxury travel in the hope that people in influential positions may be contacted. The studies and intellectual interests will be much more of a dramatic big business nature then purely for intellectual advancement. The Sun here affords the native a magnanimous mind with a great deal of pride and ambition. He is firm and selfreliant in all mental pursuits and is always aiming at success.


Moon in the Third House

The Moon posited in the Third House indicates a considerable amount of travel. The kind of travel will be decided by the nature of the native's personal activities, inclinations and occupation. Concerning studies, the sign of the cusp here will indicate the personal preference. The position naturally increases the imaginative powers and it also augments the capacity for the assimilation of knowledge. The position increases the number of relatives and places in many varied positions in life.


Mars in the Third House

When Mars is in this House it increases the desire for travel but it also increases the liability towards accidents while traveling. The adventurous nature of the native will put him in dangerous situations which are often caused by his taking of unwise risks. Accidents in a car or if he owns a plane or boat are indicated. He will be attracted to studies of a mechanical nature. He is attracted towards the building industry and he has a flare for explosives.


Mercury in the Third House

When Mercury is posited in the Third House the desire for travel and variety is greatly increased. It indicates both domestic and inter-continental travel. The native has the potential to take up several different areas of studies, as his interests are varied. He should be careful here though, as sometimes, he will tend to gain only a superficial knowledge of each subject and nothing significant will be learned. It is a very good position for Mercury because Mercury is the ruler of the Third House and the influence will be harmonious.


Jupiter in the Third House

Jupiter is the planet of long journey, so when Jupiter is posited in the Third House the desire for travel is increased and the travel will be of a long-distance nature. The desire for exploration and adventure will also be very strong. Jupiter here affords the native a mental cheerfulness and a basic nature of optimism. The Third House aids the mental assimilation and Jupiter therein is very helpful for studies, writings and literary interests. It indicates that the native will find invaluable help through different agencies and other people he is associated with.


Venus in the Third House

This is an excellent position for matters concerning the native's relatives and neighbors. The relationships here will most definitely be of a harmonious nature. There is an indication that the native has a strong capacity for studies related to art and literature, as well as professional writing, lecturing and oratory. The desire for travel is intensified and this position is normally good for short distance travel. There are congenial conditions in connection with travel and traveling companions. The kind of travel will correspond with the Sign in the Cusp.


Saturn in the Third House

When Saturn is posited in the Third House it intensifies the power of forethought and concentration. With bad aspects it can cause severe mental depression. Matters concerning relatives and neighbors will, at times, cause unrest and worry. The circumstances surrounding the domestic situation can bring undesired responsibility through the unwise actions of the relatives. Saturn tends to limit traveling or confine it to interests concerning the occupation. There is an indication of danger when operating an automobile and caution should be employed here.


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