Thursday, October 13, 2011

Planets In The 4th House

Planets In The 4th House


Sun in the Fourth House

The Sun in the Fourth House intensifies all the matters concerning the domestic side of the native's life, whether they are bad or good. He will become more deeply involved in important matters concerning his family. The Sun here assists the native in matters concerning his property and it's welfare. The Sun here demonstrates the alternate outcome of previous efforts and how they can effect the latter years of life. This position should enable the native to maintain his vitality and energy during these later years of his life.


Moon in the Fourth House

When the Moon is in the Fourth House it indicates that the native will be strongly bonded with his mother. He will feel very close to her and hold her in high esteem. The home ties, in general, are very important to the native and he has an intense desire to have his domestic life comfortable, peaceful and tranquil. When this does not happen, he can become very emotionally depressed. The position indicates that the latter part of life will be very important to the native and that he will be very active up until his death.


Mars in the Fourth House

This is not a good position for Mars, as it will tend to cause the native some turmoil and strife as far as the domestic scene goes. Trouble will occur at times with, or through the parents, particularly if one of them is highly excitable or of a high strung nature. At the same time, despite the friction, there will be a desire for home comforts and for having the home as a base from which to direct external affairs. The native will have to use discretion and patience if he is to blend his home life with his ideals.


Mercury in the Fourth House

When Mercury is in the Fourth House the powers of imagination are intensified and the native will also have a strong mind. The direction of the domestic affairs and the actions of others in the environment will effect the prevailing line of thought. When there is harmony in the domestic affairs then the native will have a comfortable mental outlook. He will make substantial progress in the general handling of affairs of both a private and a business nature. However, disharmony on the home front will cause him endless troubles.


Jupiter in the Fourth House

Jupiter is well placed in the Fourth House and it usually brings family surroundings of a congenial nature, showing that benefit will come through the parents and other members of the family. The native will also derive some benefit through the actions, influence and support of certain people who either play some part in the family or whom circumstances bring into the family. As long as there are no bad aspects to Jupiter, the last part of the native's life will bring many benefits and the material and financial side of affairs will be good.


Venus in the Fourth House

This is a good position for Venus as it will bring harmony and peace to the native's family life. He can expect to gain monetarily and socially through domestic and family affairs. It affords the native the capacity for making the home a center from which to regulate external affairs. Benefits arc derived in various ways through other members of the family, particularly the female members. There is ample opportunity available to the native to create a harmonious marital life.


Saturn in the Fourth House

When Saturn is in this House there is an indication of family life problems being hard. Difficulties or restrictions will operate during the early part of life, followed by family responsibilities, sometimes of an arduous nature as life progresses. Duties towards the parents may even interfere with marriage. If marriage does take place, home life will not be too happy because of work and financial problems. The end of the native's life will not be too happy either, as it will also bring it's quota of trials and tribulations.


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