Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Venus In The Signs-1

Venus In The Signs-1


If you cannot automatically recall the principles which embrace the influence which the planet Venus exerts in the Zodiac it would be wise to go back and review these principles before continuing. Once again the axioms of each planet will soon become a very integral part of your second nature. Venus is the ruler of the Signs Taurus & Libra, it is exalted in the Sign Pisces, has its fall in the Sign Virgo and is detrimented in the Signs Scorpio and Aries.

Venus In Aries

This combination bestows an original and artistic mind on the native. Venus here, tends to soften and restrain the driving impetuosity of Aries, except regarding love affairs where it often produces hasty marriage. The native has an idealistic, imaginative, and affectionate nature. He is very demonstrative and ardent, changeable in feelings and romantic in love. This position gives an ideal love nature where the native is anxious to obtain a mental if not a soul union. You should caution him here not to let his love emotions run away with him. He should strive to be realistic in his romantic entanglements. Venus is detrimented here and this dangerous influence will undoubtedly trouble him.


Venus In Taurus

This locality supplies the native with very strong feelings and deep emotions. He is a lover of form and is very responsive to physical attractions, more intuitive than intellectual. He is steadfast in his love emotions and is honorable in his love affairs. He is desirous of beautiful surroundings and often makes money through artistic products. This is one of the signs that Venus rules and so she is dignified here and the influence will be more profound. Financial interests will play a rather prominent role in the native's life, affecting the decisions and actions more than he may care to admit. This trend of thought will also have some bearing on future plans, hopes, and wishes.


Venus In Gemini

Venus is well placed in the sign Gemini (of course this will fluctuate according with the aspects, to be covered later, of Venus to the other planets) and harmony is the foundation of this placement. The native must be warned however, that there will be times when his restless pursuit of variety will disrupt this harmony. There is a strong indication that one love will not be enough and he must be cautious not to let these desires destroy his happiness. There is also the tendency to pursue a religious or philosophical love life rather than the sensual or worldly.


Venus In Cancer

This location will furnish an overly sensitive nature concerning the speech and actions of other people in the environment. He can be more easily hurt by any unkind or thoughtless action than those who are responsible may realize. The position defines a certain fickleness concerning love matters and it suggests some secret love affairs. He will have a definitive love of mystical religion or he may have a partner who is involved to some degree with the occult science. There is a natural sympathetic nature and a desire to help others; however he is very quick to realize when he is being taken advantage of and abruptly end his concern.


Venus In Leo

When the planet Venus is posited here the native tends to have a dramatic streak. In matters of love he will constantly boast about his affairs. In this fashion he can become annoying and he should be advised of this tendency. Although ostentatious concerning his love world he is very faithful and trustworthy. He is fond of artistic pleasures especially the theatre. This position unfortunately indicates that he is subject to dishonor through jealousy, or the failure of duty through attachments. Adjugality is the one major goal which he seeks. He is basically drawn to speculative matters and generally fortunate in speculative ventures. However he must be advised to avoid acting on impulse, he should carefully consider every opportunity before plunging into it.


Venus In Virgo

The native is pure in affection possessing an innate love of chastity. There is an indication that he will be involved in travels abroad in connection with business matters. Unfortunately there is a radiation present which suggests a loss of friends by death. The native will have a liability to get involved in secret attachments or associations that are private or unknown. Venus is in its fall in this Sign and hence it will invariably ignite periods of unpleasantness and emotional unhappiness. The native must be of strong character to withstand this disharmony.




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